Seyfeddin Roustamov: “Business supports smart donation”

The number of potential bone marrow donors in the Perm Territory reached 3,000 people. At the end of 2018, the local bone bank may be supplemented with new blood samples of one thousand people. This initiative is promoted by Smart Donation Project organized by Dedmorozim Children’s Charitable Foundation with the support of Seyfeddin Roustamov, beneficiary owner of Metafrax PJSC. The project team offers a unique opportunity to become a potential donor at the nearest point of your convenience or even at your workplace.

Daria Efimova from Perm became a three-thousandth potential donor in the Perm Territory. She addressed to the donor center based on a laboratory near where she lives. “I came to the center to undergo tests and found out about the opportunity of being included in the National Bone Marrow Donor Register, so, I decided to try,”- Daria says.

Daria confesses that she did not hesitate much. She is already a blood donor, and, if necessary, she is ready to share bone marrow cells with a person who needs treatment for cancer. Besides, Daria’s daily work consists in saving someone’s life, as she is a member of the ambulance crew and a paramedic in the health center at a large enterprise. “Any person and any family, no one is immune to diseases,” Daria believes. – If I have a chance to help, I always do my best. It might happen that one day my relatives would need help, and I believe in a kindness boomerang.

To become someone’s savior from cancer in the Perm Territory is easier than in other Russian regions. You can join the register of potential donors not in the only 1, but in 48 donor points powered by Medlabexpress laboratories or directly at your workplace. Metafrax made a donation that covers the annual project cost and participated in the project by organizing a corporate donation event. More than 150 employees of Metafrax in Gubakha gave blood samples to become the potential bone marrow donors.


Seyfeddin Roustamov:

“We willingly became the driver for encouraging such a complex and technology-intensive project as the promotion of the bone marrow donation. This project will yield positive results saving the lives of cancer patients for years.

Today, due to Metafrax support, the donor register of the Perm Territory includes over 3,000 people, that is more than 3,000 chances for life for residents of the Perm Territory and the country as a whole. I am sure that other companies will follow our example and will initiate similar corporate events for the bone marrow donation. Moreover, the project gives everyone the opportunity to join the initiative at the nearest donor point”.

Action for potential donors of the bone marrow

On January 24 the company Metafrax held an action for potential donors of the bone marrow. The blood for the genetic analysis and data inclusion in the National Register was handed over to 153 employees of the company and members of their families.

In 2018 the program of development for the bone marrow donation in the Perm region is supported by Seyfeddin Rustamov, beneficial owner of Metafrax company

Metafrax controlled by Seyfeddin Rustamov organizes event for attracting new bone marrow donors

Metafrax central office
Metafrax Company Office, Gubakha, Perm Region, Russian Federation

January 24, 2018, Metafrax Company together with Children’s Charitable Foundation Dedmorozim under patronage of Rusfond will organize an event on the territory of the Company (Gubakha City of Perm Territory) for attracting potential bone marrow donors. Company employees and their families will be able to pass blood tests for genetic analysis and further integration of donor’s data into the National Bone Marrow Donor Register.

The bone marrow donation program in Perm Territory will be promoted throughout 2018 with the financial support of the beneficiary owner of Metafrax Seyfeddin Rustamov. The program target is to attract about 1,000 potential local donors.

New donors can save many cancer patients who need the bone marrow transplantation. For a cancer patient, the matched donor is a unique chance to survive and recover from the disease. However, finding a matched donor is very difficult. Today, the Russian register of bone marrow donors includes only 77,000 people, while for treating 50% of patients needing bone marrow transplantation the register shall included at least 500,000 donors.

Seyfeddin Roustamov

“Metafrax is a socially-oriented company and always supports significant charitable projects in the region,” said Seyfeddin Rustamov. “I am sure that the promotion of bone marrow donation is an important aspect of such an urgent problem as the fight against oncological diseases. “Of course, the event organized at Metafrax is just a single step, but it can save several human lives, and every life is priceless.”


Seyfeddin Rustamov is a businessperson operating in energy and chemical industries; he also operates as investor and developer. He is the beneficiary owner of Metafrax PJSC. Seyfeddin Rustamov actively participates in charity activities, and supports many charitable projects in the area of education and science, arts and medicine.

Bone marrow donation program: chance for recovery for a thousand of cancer patients

Today, the bone marrow transplantation for most of cancer patients is the only chance for recovery. Every year, more than 150,000 transplantation operations take place over the world. This treatment method is also used for hematologic and autoimmune diseases.

For this category of patients, the transplantation is a life-saving operation. The chemotherapy suppresses the bone marrow, and to restore its functions, a donor transplant is necessary. Stem cells are put into the patient bloodstream, they grow and multiply in the bone marrow and resuscitate the patient.

The bone marrow can be donated by both patient’s relatives or matched unrelated donors. The percent of well-matched related donors is quite low, only 20-25%. That is why for some patients the only way to cure is transplanting the bone marrow of an unrelated donor. Donor information is kept in special databases that provides data of people willing to donate their stem cells and their blood samples. Such donor databases are used to find a matched donor for a specific patient. Today, the Russian register of bone marrow donors includes only 77,000 people. This figure is insufficient to cure all the people that need help. For example, to treat 50% of patients needing stem cells, the register shall included at least 500 000 donors. Actions to support and streamline the bone marrow donation programs are of great importance. Local donation programs exist in Russia and Perm Territory as well, such as an annual marrow donation stimulation program within the framework of Intelligent Donation project organized by Dedmorozim Charity Fund. This year, the program was supported by Seyfeddin Roustamov, beneficiary owner of Metafrax PJSC.

Due to his assistance, 1000 people from Perm Territory will become potential donors. All donor registration procedures will be free, and donors will pay no money for genetic analysis for inclusion into the donor register, tube and delivery of blood samples. According to Dedmorozim Fund, the financial support granted by Seyfeddin Roustamov will cover all related expenses until December 2018. All that potential donors will have to do is to come to a blood collection station, fill the application form and give 9 ml of their blood. Just three simple steps that can save somebody’s life. And with help of Seyfeddin Roustamov, a thousand of people will have a chance for recovery. 1000 inhabitants of Perm Territory can save a thousand of children and adults.

Seyfeddin Roustamov is a businessman and beneficiary owner of Metafrax PJSC, the largest Russian methanol production enterprise. 55-years-old entrepreneur was born in Azerbaijan and now takes an active part in oil and gas projects, trades in chemical and oil and gas products and invests in energy funds, and commercial and residential property. He resides permanently in the USA. Seyfeddin Roustamov has a wife and three children, and is actively engaged in charity activities for many years. He and his wife finance various educational programs and support arts and medical funds

Donor project of Perm region, Russia