Metafrax controlled by Seyfeddin Rustamov organizes event for attracting new bone marrow donors

Metafrax central office
Metafrax Company Office, Gubakha, Perm Region, Russian Federation

January 24, 2018, Metafrax Company together with Children’s Charitable Foundation Dedmorozim under patronage of Rusfond will organize an event on the territory of the Company (Gubakha City of Perm Territory) for attracting potential bone marrow donors. Company employees and their families will be able to pass blood tests for genetic analysis and further integration of donor’s data into the National Bone Marrow Donor Register.

The bone marrow donation program in Perm Territory will be promoted throughout 2018 with the financial support of the beneficiary owner of Metafrax Seyfeddin Rustamov. The program target is to attract about 1,000 potential local donors.

New donors can save many cancer patients who need the bone marrow transplantation. For a cancer patient, the matched donor is a unique chance to survive and recover from the disease. However, finding a matched donor is very difficult. Today, the Russian register of bone marrow donors includes only 77,000 people, while for treating 50% of patients needing bone marrow transplantation the register shall included at least 500,000 donors.

Seyfeddin Roustamov

“Metafrax is a socially-oriented company and always supports significant charitable projects in the region,” said Seyfeddin Rustamov. “I am sure that the promotion of bone marrow donation is an important aspect of such an urgent problem as the fight against oncological diseases. “Of course, the event organized at Metafrax is just a single step, but it can save several human lives, and every life is priceless.”


Seyfeddin Rustamov is a businessperson operating in energy and chemical industries; he also operates as investor and developer. He is the beneficiary owner of Metafrax PJSC. Seyfeddin Rustamov actively participates in charity activities, and supports many charitable projects in the area of education and science, arts and medicine.

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